Saturday, 16 July 2016

Teacup Table Runner

This was a surprise gift for a lady in our little facebook quilting group.  It was also my first foray into a few new techniques.  The background of the table runner is the first time I've used "low-volume fabrics" - these tend to be paler, have less pattern within them and when seen from a distance appear to sort of blend in with each other so it is just a total background rather than made up of individual pieces.  After ironing each piece of fabric on to the heat-n-bond, I then went over each seam with a fancy stitch from my machine.

It was also my first time with a larger free motion applique which I'd designed myself - with help from Pinterest ideas.  I made all the templates for each cup, saucer and the bird, came up with the phrase and also did all the binding with no assistance! 

It took me several attempts to get the layout right for the teacups, in fact I still have a few teacups waiting for another project that I cut out for this one and then decided they weren't quite right. 

I was really pleased with how this one turned out and also that the recipient loved it too.

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