Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Sock Puppy!

Another thing I taught myself (through buying the pattern online) was to make Sock Puppies, instead of Sock Monkeys.  I was quite pleased how they turned out, I kept the first one I made - for future comparisons, of course....and because I thought he was cute. 

You use slightly less than two socks (and can keep the part you don't use for the mouth to use in monkeys too).  You also use a small scrap of fabric to line the ears and give a little extra colour!

Elaina's Teddy Quilt

After leaving this quilt quilted for almost a year, I decided to finally finish it in time for what would have been Elaina's first birthday.  Originally I'd intended to give it to her for her first Christmas...or perhaps her first Easter, depending on when I'd finished it.  Instead, I received the phone call that the quilting was done the day before we travelled down for her funeral.  

The only thing left to do on the quilt was to bind it and many tears were shed as I sewed the binding together, sewed it to the quilt and then hand stitched it down.  I chose red for the binding because it was a colour that appeared in the quilt in multiple places.  It also reminds me of the love I have for my first wee niece.

The front and back of the quilt.  The back is  flannel with Autumn leaves all over it.  The front has some cheeky teddy bears peeking from behind  flowers.