Saturday, 16 July 2016

Additional June Monkeys

In addition to making monkeys for chairty and making some for ladies who purchased them, I also made a few as gifts.  

This is Apple, she was a gift for a brand new little girl.  I got to go have a cuddle and a chat with her Mum - we went to school together.  Apple was a hit, especially with big brother who took her to bed the first night!  This was one of my last few ladybird socks, mixed with a red/white dot sock.  Her name came about because she's a candy apple red....and my friend's nickname is Apple.  It just seemed perfect.

Then I made Zach, later re-named Zeta, for a young lady who was in hospital for an operation.  We're friends with her aunt.  He has aqua/darker blue stripes with orange tips and plain aqua tail, arms, ears and nose.

Finally Primrose (I didn't know they only came in yellow....I just thought she looked like a Primrose when I'd finished her eyelashes!).  She made a very long trip to Massachussetts, USA for another brand new little person.  Hopefully they will grow up together, the best of friends.  Primrose is a lovely bright pink, her arms, tail and ears have mostly pink hearts on white, with a few purple hearts mixed in. 

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