Sunday, 14 September 2014

One Sock Monkey...Two.....HEAPS!!!

After learning how to make sock monkies a couple of months ago, we've been hard at it and donating them to the children's ward at the local hospital.  A lady came up with the idea of giving every child who has to stay in hospital a little friend to stay with and sock monkies were the obvious choice.  They're cheap and easy to make and each one has their own personality!!  And, of course, they each have their own name!!

 Meet Hope (above left)                                       Lucy (above right)


Daisy (above left)                             Colin (above right)

Molly (above left) - with pink arms and finally Dotty (above right)

Baby Items!!

 With a new baby niece due in December, I've been madly searching for crafts to make!  What perfect excuse to try some new sewing projects and also make things that are practical?!  Firstly, I decided to make a nappy (diaper) cake.  I used about 60 or so infant size nappies (I chose to use the second size in nappies instead of newborn so Mum will have some on hand when baby grows and also because I keep reading how fast babies grow). 

The bottom layer consisted of rolled nappies (each nappy is rolled and held with a rubber band).  Then I put a small size baby powder in the centre and added nappies all the way round in a circle.  It helped that I had also purchased a cheap cake board in a circle so I used that to judge how big to make my bottom layer.  Then I used a rubber band to hold the whole mass of nappies together.

To fill in gaps I bought some lovely velour baby facecloths (a six pack).  I rolled each one and fitted them into the gaps where the nappies didn't quite make a full circle.  Finally, I took a piece of tissue paper, cut an X in the centre (to go over the baby powder) and wrapped it around, tucked under the nappies to give a nice, clean, uniform finish.  Everything was then held in place with a wide ribbon, tied at the front.

Second layer uses fewer nappies (about two rows fewer).  Wrapped over the top with tissue paper again.  Then, outside the tissue so they're visible, I added some rolled bibs, a digital thermometer (in box), a small bottle of baby moisture cream, and an Eeyore sensory toy.  A matching ribbon holds everything in place.

Top layer is fewer nappies again, more tissue paper, a hole cut in the top to allow a taggy blanket to stick out like a candle!  The final piece was a home made sock monkey, I've named her Twinkle.  She's the perfect size for little hands to hold and has no bits that can be chewed off and swallowed accidentally. 

Another craft I've made (following a tutorial onlilne) is a take-anywhere changepad.  One side is embossed fleece (purple, with teddy bears).  The other is a paisley cotton, which coordinates with the purple fleece. 

There's a piece of striped elastic sewn to one side so the changepad can be folded in half and rolled up for easy carrying.  In between the two layers is some pellon batting, which has a higher polyester content and will dry quicker.  This is easily thrown into the washing machine if it gets dirty, can be thrown down in the back of the car or on a public change table to protect baby and also give some padding.  It can also be used at home on the floor or when visiting to protect the carpet from accidents, give baby padding and be a bit more hygenic.  

I would like to make a coordinating wipes pouch that can also hold a couple of nappies when Mum doesn't want to go into her big nappy bag.