Saturday, 16 July 2016

First Free Motion Applique

My first attempt at free motion applique was a thank you gift for the lady who taught us at quilt retreat how to do this technique.  I knew she liked green, so that was my starting point - green with white dots for the 'wallpaper' background.  I then decided to add a window with curtains, a little cobweb peeking out on the righthand side.  I cut out each petal and played around with where I wanted them, plus two leaves, a stem and the flower pot.  As a little 'in joke' I added a yellow/blue plaid 'tablecloth' because we have a running joke between us - I like yellow and blue together, she doesn't!

Then, because it needed something else, I added a little bee and the word "Thanks" since that's why I was gifting it to her.  I have really enjoyed learning and now continuing to finesse it. 

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