Thursday, 30 June 2016

More Sock Puppies

After a bit of perusing on Pinterest, I found the cutest sock puppies.  I followed the link and realised the pattern was available to purchase, which I promptly did.  I made a practice sock puppy and...then I took a bit of a break from making anything from socks....I'd made so many monkeys I was kind of 'over it'.  Six months later I was asked to make those monkeys for the two little boys who were losing their mother to cancer.  That kick started me to want to make monkeys again and I finally pulled out my puppy pattern too!

I've now made three sock puppies, they've all come out so differently and I've adapted the pattern to suit how I want them to look.  Each one is slightly different as I've adapted them each time I've made them!

The second puppy I made has a plain navy body with green and navy striped arms and tail.  The tail of the puppy is slightly shorter than the monkeys - I've actually made two different tails; one a little stubby tail and the other about 1/3 to 1/2 the length of the monkey tails.  Please meet Rufus (as in the ruff ruff sound a dog makes....)

I then decided dogs don't have to be plain coloured, so what if they're red or blue or yellow?  Monkeys don't come in pink or orange or green but I make the sock monkeys in those colours!  So the next puppy I made, Barkley, has red, grey and dark grey stripes on his body with dark grey and little red patterns on his arms, tails and ears.  The ears of the puppies are also different to the monkeys because they have a little bit of fabric sewn to the underneath and they're much larger. 

Barkley also has those little dimples that you see on cartoon dogs to represent their whiskers.  They're my own form of an adapted French knot from embroidery - I never did learn to do them properly!!  Their noses are made with the heels of the sock instead of the toe like the monkeys are.  Then a little piece of black felt in a rounded triangle is added for the actual nose, embroidery thread for the mouth.


  1. You do puppies as well!!!!!

    1. Yes...just learnt recently. :) I've made three now and have two more sewn up ready to go.