Monday, 2 January 2017

Christmas Stocking and Ornament

This year the quilt-y group I'm a member of decided for our Christmas swap, we'd do stockings and an ornament.  We had almost 12 months to complete them and the results were varied, but all beautiful.  It always surprises me that even if we don't know who we're sending our creations to (which in this case we didn't until most of us had finished our sewing) they always seem to match up perfectly.

I received from the lovely Christina and I sent to awesome Sonia.

The stocking I received was truly lovely.  The cuff material just added a contrast to the rest of the stocking, which was different on both sides.  The wee bird ornament is felt and has sequins as well as hand stitched embroidery on the wings.  I proudly hung my stocking near the fireplace for Santa and the bird was on the Christmas tree for all to admire when they came.

I added a little tissue holder and I also made the card to accompany my stocking and ornament - Felix the fox, who wore a green scarf since Sonia's favourite colour is green (although I was very tempted to give him a yellow scarf, my favourite colour!)

The fox was from Lia Griffith's collection.  I think I am slightly in love with her work.  She uses a lot of felt, but the creations are all so beautiful.  I'm considering making the whole set of her woodland ornaments for our tree next year.

Along with the fox, there is also a deer, bear, rabbit, squirrel, and raccoon.


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