Friday, 5 June 2015

Throwback Friday

Well, I thought I'd show a few quilts I've previously made.  The first is the first ever quilt I made, it's baby-sized, perhaps not big enough for a crib, but might be big enough for a bassinet.  It's certainly big enough for throwing over a baby in a stroller or a carseat.  It's big enough to put on the floor when you want to change bubs or if you're at someone else's place and want to prevent any spit-ups on their carpet.

I chose some bright fabrics that I thought would be suitable for either a boy or a girl.  I didn't really know much about fabrics or what would 'work', so I just chose some fabrics/colours I thought would look good together.  The first fabric I chose was the bugs in the centre, then I chose colours that would 'go' with those bugs - the red and the yellow.  Finally I chose the gingham/flower fabric in the last border, which was sitting next to the bugs on the shelf.  The orange was because I thought it was a bit too 'blue' and would brighten it up.  I was quite pleased with how it came out.
Instead of actually 'quilting' this quilt, I decided to tie it.  Basically, you take some co-ordinating (or matching) embroidery threads and a big-ish needle with a sharp point.  To poke the thread through from the top, on the other side, you take the thread back up close to where it came down.  On the topside, you just tie a knot in the two ends and voila!  You can see in the top picture how there are little ends of the threads.

I followed a youtube tutorial video to make this quilt, but I can't remember where it was now or what it was called...I think it was just called "Easy Baby Quilt" or something like that.

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