Friday, 5 June 2015

Second Throwback

My second ever quilt was one I made for my Mum.  It was a raggy quilt using cotton fabrics, flannel and some chenille (with cotton fabric on the back of the chenille because otherwise it's really thick!).  I chose colours that would co-ordinate with her bedroom - deep burgandies, neutral beiges, some creams.  As you can see from the photo below, I did a random placement of all the squares.  I purchased the fabrics from a lovely lady at a local quilting shop (in Hawera) which has, sadly, now closed down.

I took a photo of the quilt, hanging on the washing line (as above) and took the photo with me to England, where we were travelling to spend Christmas with family.  On Christmas Eve, I wrapped the photo up in paper and on Christmas morning, instead of receiving her present, Mum received a photo of her gift!  The quilt itself is a knee-rug size, although it's more rectangular than square, it's also been used on cooler nights to pull up near her shoulders in bed or put across her feet over the bedcovers. 

I had to do all the sewing for this in secret, while Mum was at work or out so she wouldn't see it.  The best way I found to do that was to actually be making another quilt at the same time....the trick, of course, was to try and keep the two projects separated so I didn't mix up the blocks!!

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