Sunday, 6 November 2016

T-Shirt Dress!

Well, I'm not really a seamstress, however I found this pattern for making a t-shirt dress on Pinterest and just had to try it.  We fill shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child in October (well, we buy stuff throughout the year and at October deliver them to the local church for transport).

Most times we put t-shirts into the boxes that we purchase from the Warehouse (they're about $4, but sometimes we get them on sale and they're less).  Recently I discovered a few Facebook pages where people put up suggestions of items to include in each box or things they have made to put into their shoeboxes.  Crafting for Shoeboxes is one page and the other is Simply Shoeboxes.

I used the pattern and tutorial from The Best T-shirt Dress and found it really easy to follow, simple and also quick!  I whipped up this little dress, size 3, in about 2 hours.  I would have been faster had I paid attention and not sewn the skirt closed at the top the first time I sewed my gathering stitch.  The best part?  I learnt to use some new stitches on my machine!!  First time sewing a gathering stitch and it was easy.  I love easy things.

So, the t-shirt cost $4 (NZ) and the material was from Spotlight and was on sale at the time...if memory serves, I think I bought it for about $5 a metre?  I used about half a metre by the width of the fabric.  The butterflies were so cute and colourful and turned what is a boys t-shirt into a little girls dress.  Now I've got all sorts of ideas how to churn out some more dresses and in different sizes too.  There's a handy size guide on the tutorial for how much fabric you'll need and how long to make the dresses.  This one is about 21" long from the shoulder to the hemline.  Once I'm more practised, I can add some little embellishments too - perhaps a fabric flower to the t-shirt part in the same fabric as the skirt?  Or some ricrac around the skirt hemline?  Or even some buttons just to give it a little 'extra' something....the ideas are endless!!

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