Monday, 23 May 2016

Monkeys for Hospice

Also, after quite a long break, I'm getting back into monkey-making, slowly!  I've completed three in the past few weeks - see, slowly.....

I was asked to make two monkeys for two little boys who are going to lose their mother soon.  She's in hospice care with cancer and doesn't have very long to go.  They are going to need something to hug and hold when she's no longer able to and I hope they will like their monkeys.  I tried to make them bright colours, cheerful colours for them.  I don't know the two boys at all, but hopefully they will feel the love in the monkeys when they hold them.

I was donated both sets of socks for each of the monkeys - the red with stars and grey/navy stripes with stars socks are two separate pairs and I have made the reverse monkey before too (with the red body and the striped arms, ears, tail).  The navy/aqua striped socks had a zebra face on the toe, you can just see the ears peeking out below the monkeys chin!
The lovely Lynn donated these socks so I wanted to name the monkey after her.  After a bit of discussion, we decided Lync would be the perfect name for him.  He now has a name tag and also a red ribbon around his neck.

These socks were donated to me by a lady called Jo, as this was for a little boy I chose to add the 'e' to his name, so please meet Joe the monkey.  I still have the other socks from each of the pairs so I will make up another monkey, although with the zebra face it will have to be the striped body again so I might mix it up and change the sock I use for the arms, tail, ears.  I like to make monkeys that are different rather than all the same, makes them more unique for each child!

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