Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Another Nana Quilt Update

I picked up the quilt I started for Nana from the quilter's about two weeks ago.  The lady has done a fantastic job on it.  I'm so pleased.  The pattern is an all-over daisy print, which picks up on the background flowers too. 

This picture shows the backing fabric, which is a flannel, so nice and snuggly warm to touch.  This quilt also has double batting - two layers of batting - sandwiched in the middle. 

 All that's left to do is the binding now.  I have chosen a navy/white stripe, which hopefully will just finish everything off and finish it all.  Having been sick for the past two weeks, I'm really looking forward to being able to finishing this quilt really soon.  And I'm over the moon that, what started as an idea for Mother's Day 2012, and then became a sad reminder of having lost Nana.....this will soon be able to be wrapped around me like a hug from her....

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