Sunday, 8 March 2015

Update: Nana's Quilt

As promised, here are some photos of the quilt I started back in May 2012 for my Nana, who sadly passed away that same month.  I chose bright colours that would cheer her up and brighten her room in the rest home. 

First stage of top completion - the white sashing is from a jelly roll, the strips of fabric in the blocks were all cut from larger pieces, I think it would be easier next time to use a couple of jelly rolls so all the strips are the same width.

My probable borders:  red, blue, navy/white stripe binding

I started following a pattern I found on youtube which looked easy.  Of course, being a newbie, I didn't realise how important 1/4 inch seams would be....consequently, my seams are all over the place in this quilt!  However, I think it's so far turned out okay.  I used a jelly roll of plain white sashing, my first time, to break up the busy-ness of the quilt. 

Next step will be to sew on some borders, get it quilted and then finish with the binding.  So, this is another to-be-continued post, hopefully it won't take another three years to finish!

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